Tattoos removal

Laser Treatment

At Oneline Beauty Clinic we can help you meet your goal and look the way you want as we specialize in Spectra Lutronic laser tattoo removal.

A non-invasive, painless and scar-free procedure.

We treat from freckles, keratosis pilaris, brown spots (melasma), large pores, skin rejuvenation, lentigo.

How is tattoo removal performed?

Our technique applied with the Spectra Lutronic Laser, is the best to remove tattoo, due to the multiple wavelengths that can eliminate all ink colors in any skin tone, just apply the appropriate wavelength so that the ink absorbs the energy preferentially, which produces its dissolution.

When ink particles absorb laser light, they dissolve into fragments and are absorbed through the body's immune system. Usually, the process takes a few weeks. The larger the tattoo, the more sessions will be needed to dissolve the ink particles.

What does the skin look like after tattoo removal?

Immediately after the treatment, the skin will have a whitish discoloration, the area around the tattoo may become red and appear swollen. That's normal and will slowly go away over time. Results take about 4 or 8 weeks after each treatment.

Occasionally, the skin may pale, however, normal skin tone should be restored 6 to 12 months after the last treatment session. As the ink used can vary from tattoo to tattoo, some patients achieve only partial removal even after several sessions.

eliminación de tatuajes Oneline Beauty Clinic