Through the application of localized mechanical vibrations with BTL X-WAVE we help you improve the texture of your skin, reducing irregularities or cellulite. It is a non-invasive, painless treatment with minimal side effects. Depending on the case, it will require several sessions but you will notice results from the first application.

At technology BTL X–WAVE acts directly on fat cells, responsible for the appearance of cellulite, decreasing their size and volume. It improves the functioning of blood circulation, allowing fat elimination in a natural way.

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Tecnología BTL X-Wave y Oneline Beauty Clinic
Tecnología BTL X-Wave y Oneline Beauty Clinic
Tecnología BTL X-Wave

Reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of your skin with BTL X-WAVE technology, a device that uses localized vibrations to help eliminate the main factors that cause irregularities on the surface of the skin, which significantly improves skin appearance.

Mechanical vibrations improve microcirculation and oxygen supply to the affected area, thereby increasing blood flow and eliminating excess interstitial fluid.

BTL X-WAVE achieves the most outstanding results in non-invasive improvement of skin texture, showing its best results in combination with other treatments.

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The BTL EXILIS technology uses calorific control in the tissue, through high frequency in conjunction with the mechanical action of ultrasound, controlling the treated surface.

The mechanical effect of ultrasound energy allows access and treatment of previously resistant tissue. BTL EXILIS precisely targets the deepest layers of fat.

High frequency energy causes localized deep thermal heating. Metabolic activity is initiated and the local process of lipolysis of fatty tissue is accelerated. The fat cell volume decreases and the fat layer is reduced.


Skin phototypes V and VI, photosensitivity, recent tanning, history of keloid scarring, pregnancy, lactation, HIV, hepatitis, skin infections, pigmentation changes, history of melanoma or carcinoma, psoriasis or eczema, herpes.



X-WAVE treatments are safe for patients of all ages and skin types who want an added effect to another non-invasive body contouring procedure. This is an option for those who want a cosmetic enhancement without the cost and recovery time of surgery.
Your provider will tailor a treatment plan for you. Most patients undergo 4 to 6 sessions over the course of a few weeks. Typically, one treatment takes about 7-10 minutes depending on the condition and the area being treated.
The procedure is based on the emission of vibrations directed at the treated tissue. You will enjoy intense mechanical stimulation during the procedure.
There is no recovery time with the X-WAVE. You can easily take the treatment during your lunch break and return to your daily activities immediately.
This largely depends on the area being treated, your condition, and other factors. You may see visible improvements after just one session.

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  • Tratamiento BTL X-Wave con CO2 Fraccionado By Oneline Beuaty Clinic
  • BTL X-Wave By Oneline Beuaty Clinic
  • Tratamiento BTL X-Wave By Oneline Beuaty Clinic