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Hyaluronic Acid


In online we employed the juvederm line which has specific formulations by each expression line, since the most superficial through the deepest. every product was developed ideally by every requirement of treatment. The procedure is realized in a couple minutes, using effective methods to prevent the pain, allowing you to return to your activities immediately.

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Juvederm Line

Naturally, our body loses fat as we get old, that is specifically viewed in our face, you can see the fat loss in chicks and eye drain, but fillers are useful to decrease the wrinkles and expression lines given fullness and volume in the face.

Juvéderm application process

The hyaluronic acid overested the growth effect in the skin, particularly the wrinkles creation, replacing the liquid volume loss in addition to increasing the collagen production and affecting the fibroblast morphology.

The treatment is quite simple, injecting into the mid to deep dermis the soft thickness of juvederm gel and the mixture with lidocaine improve the application in special zones of the face. to minimize the possibility of feeling any pain we used painless techniques. The session lasts 30 to 40 minutes.

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Do not use these products if you have a history of multiple severe allergies or severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis), or if you are allergic to lidocaine or the Gram-positive bacterial proteins used in these products.
  • Minimize strenuous exercise and extensive sun or heat exposure within the first 24 hours after treatment. Exposure to any of these can cause temporary redness, swelling and/or itching at the injection site.
  • Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The safety of these products for use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding has not been studied.
  • The safety of JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® ™ XC has not been studied in patients younger than 35 years or older than 65 years for cheek augmentation, or younger than 22 years and older than 80 years for chin augmentation. The safety of JUVÉDERM VOLLURE® ™ XC and JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® ™ XC has not been studied in patients under 22 years of age, and the safety of JUVÉDERM® ™ XC and JUVÉDERM Ultra XC has not been studied in patients under 18 years of age
  • The safety and efficacy of JUVÉDERM VOLUMA XC in areas other than the cheek area, JUVÉDERM XC and JUVÉDERM VOLLURE® ™ XC for areas other than facial wrinkles and folds, and JUVÉDERM Ultra XC and JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA XC in areas other than the lips and the perioral area have not been established in clinical studies
  • JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® ™ XC is designed for use in the chin and cheek areas. JUVÉDERM® VOLLURE ™ XC and JUVÉDERM® ™ XC are designed for use on facial wrinkles and folds. JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA ™ XC and JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC are designed for use on the lips and perioral area. Safety and efficacy for treatment in other areas have not been established in clinical studies.
  • Tell your doctor if you have a history of excessive scarring (thick and hard scars) or pigmentation disorders. The safety of JUVÉDERM products has not been studied in these patients and may lead to additional scarring or changes in pigmentation.
  • Tell your doctor if you are being treated to lower the body’s immune response (immunosuppressive therapy). Use may result in increased risk of infection
  • Tell your doctor before treatment if you are using substances that can prolong bleeding, such as acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), ibuprofen, or other blood thinners. As with any injection, this can result in increased bruising or bleeding at the injection site.
  • Patients who experience skin injury near the injection site may be at increased risk of adverse events.
  • JUVÉDERM VOLUMA ® ™ XC has not been studied in patients with significant loose skin of the chin, neck, or jaw
  • The effect of JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® ™ XC chin injection on facial hair growth has not been studied
The most commonly reported side effects with JUVÉDERM injectable gels included redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, firmness, lumps / bumps, bruising, discoloration, and itching. For JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® ™ XC, dryness was also reported. For JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® ™ XC, most side effects resolved within 2-4 weeks. For JUVÉDERM VOLLURE® ™ XC, JUVÉDERM XC and JUVÉDERM Ultra XC Injectable Gels, most resolved within 14 days or less. For JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA®™ XC, most resolved within 30 days or less. These side effects are consistent with other facial injection procedures.
Most of the side effects will resolve in time. Your doctor may choose to treat side effects that persist for 30 days with antibiotics, steroids, or hyaluronidase (an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid). One of the risks of these products is unintentional injection into a glass blood. The chances of this happening are very small, but if it does, the complications can be serious and can be permanent. These complications, which have been reported for facial injections, can include vision abnormalities, blindness, movement, temporary scabs, or permanent skin scarring.
As with all skin injection procedures, there is a risk of infection.
Juvederm Voluma brand hyaluronic acid (produced by Allergan laboratories) is a high quality product. Its manufacturing technology allows a high duration over time. Depending on the manufacturer, it can last between 14 and 18 months.
Juvederm works by adding volume to facial tissue through its active ingredient, hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the human body. Stimulates the production of connective tissue that fills the skin (collagen). As you age, the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen decreases. This increases the appearance of sagging and wrinkles on the facial skin.
During the procedure, your doctor, physician assistant, or nurse usually uses a pen to mark the areas to be treated. Then your doctor will inject Juvederm into the target area. They will also lightly massage the area to ensure even distribution and reduce the chance of inflammation. The entire procedure generally takes between 15 and 60 minutes, depending on the area treated.
Juvederm injections contain a small amount of lidocaine to reduce pain. This will help minimize any pain or discomfort you feel during treatment and will make it go away quickly.
Recovery time is minimal. However, people are advised to avoid strenuous activities, sun exposure, makeup, and alcohol consumption for at least 24 hours after treatment.
Most notice the effects of Juvederm right away, or after the swelling subsides. The results usually last between six months and two years. This depends on which Juvederm product was used..

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