Dermal Fillers

Creates volume, and refine the face, reduce the wrinkles to look more attractive, fresh, young and improve the skin quality.

Natural and visible results immediately after the application.

The procedure is performed in a few minutes. We used an effective method to reduce the pain, after the procedure you can return to your normal activities.

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Dermal Fillers by Oneline Beauty Clinic
Types of dermal fillers

The most useful dermal filler contains hyaluronic acid which is a substance produced by the body, and is principally around the skin, and the function is to retain hydration, elasticity and softness to the treat area.

With that we can give volume to the face and contouring, improve imperfections or recover the loss volume around the age.


Developed in Switzerland the Maili hyaluronic acid fillers,are specifically developed to reduce signs of aging, preserving the expression and natural movements which permits feel secure that you have the best version of you.

The oxifree technology creates a flexible gel with similar qualities that the spring, responds better to the pressure against it, and at the same time works with a natural and flexible movement with the dynamic expression of the face.


Is a smart filler who works as a regenerator with instant lift effect. It has a bio regenerating action and stimulates the new cells production and the lift effect which counteract the skin resistance while reshaping the face. It contains a higher hialuronic acid and offers a logest effectivity in the result without addition croslinkeds chemical agents.

Working as a preventive in young people and as an anti-aging for older people. prophilo is hyaluronic acid in the best version.


A strong gel, with maximum lifting power, ideal for a pronounced effect without adding volume.


A firm powerful gel with moderate lifting effect ideal to fill wrinkles and expression lines when it requires support.


Is an injectable solution to fill the finesse expression lines of the face as well the increase of volume in the areas that were needed. It has a durability of 12 to 15 months.


It's a gel to give definition and contouring in dynamic areas with 1 year duration.

Derma Fillers By Oneline Beauty Clinic

Soft gel for expression lines and wrinkles with subtle results. with 18 months of durability and 1 session of re-treatment.


It creates a natural volume giving proportion and contouring to the face, and duration up to 18 months.


Soft gel gives volume and improves the lips form and gives a natural and harmonized appearence.


Brings a deep hydration revitalizing the skin, increasing the elasticity and improving the weave.

Derma Fillers By Oneline Beauty Clinic

The belotero hyaluronic acids, present a CPM technology, (poly densified cohesive matrix) who creates a high density zones derivatives of double reticulated wich resist tensile forces but also is flexible to the compression forces, preserving the form is elastic with tension without broken and recover the form removing the charge.

BELOTERO® LIDO BALANCE is a filler product, indicating to create volumen of the tissue. This product improves the volume in the areas of the face, (lips) filling wrinkles and correct scars.

BELOTERO® LIDO SOFT it is an injectable resorbable filler product indicated to increase the volume of skin tissue. This product allows to fill small wrinkles and correct scars.

BELOTERO® LIDO INTENSE is a product filler, indicated to restore and increase the volume in the skin tissue. This product helps fill deep wrinkles and expression lines and improve the volume of zones of the face.

BELOTERO® LIDO VOLUME is an implant filler indicated to recover the facial volume in zones of the face, to increase the volume in the chick and chin.

BELOTERO® REVIVE is a skinbooster filler which contains hyaluronic acid and glycerol, designed to improve the skin texture, giving deep hydration and revitalizing the aging.

Skin revitalization


Is a unique formula with hyaluronic acid and 59 revitalizing activities, which improve the skin quality, and helps to fibroblast aging effect, which is the principal dermis cell responsible for collagen production, elastin and hyaluronic acid. preserve young the fibroblast is the key piece to maintain the longevity in the skin eliminate the oxidative stress for that reason