Fraccionated CO2

Through the application of ultrasound and radiofrequency BTL EXILIS Corporal, we help you to return the tension in your skin. It is a non-invasive, painless treatment with minimal side effects. Depending on the case, it will require several sessions but you will notice results from the first application.


How does BTL Exilis work?

The BTL EXILIS technology uses heat control on the tissue, through high frequency in conjunction with the mechanical action of ultrasound, controlling the treated surface.

The mechanical effect of ultrasound energy allows access and treatment of previously resistant tissues. BTL EXILIS precisely targets the deepest layers of fat.

High-frequency energy causes localized deep thermal heating. Metabolic activity is initiated and the local process of lipolysis of fatty tissue is accelerated. The fat cell volume decreases and the fat layer is reduced

Benefits of BTL Exilis

Progressive and appreciable results from the first application

  • Painless applications, no anesthesia required.
  • Fast and efficient treatment.
  • 4 sessions are required to obtain the best results.
BTL Exilis Corporal by Oneline


Skin phototypes V and VI, photosensitivity, recent tanning, history of keloid scarring, pregnancy, lactation, HIV, hepatitis, skin infections, pigmentation changes, history of melanoma or carcinoma, psoriasis or eczema, herpes.



EXILIS ULTRA 360 is ideal for anyone looking for preventative treatment or a more dramatic cosmetic improvement once they notice signs of aging. It is also ideal for those looking for a solution to excess oil or skin in the specific "stubborn" area.
Depending on the area treated and the skin condition, most patients undergo 2-4 treatments scheduled 7-10 days apart. Each treatment of a specific area usually takes 4 to 30 minutes.
Most patients describe the sensation of the therapy as comparable to a painless hot stone massage. You can lie down and relax during the procedure.
Some patients report visible results after one treatment. Results will normally continue to improve in the coming months.

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  • BTL-Exilis By Oneline Beuaty Clinic
  • BTL Exilis CO2 Fraccionado By Oneline Beuaty Clinic
  • Tratamiento BTL Exilis con CO2 Fraccionado By Oneline Beuaty Clinic
  • BTL-Exilis CO2 Fraccionado By Oneline Beuaty Clinic
  • BTL Exilis by Oneline Beauty Clinic
  • Tratamiento BTL Exilis con CO2 Fraccionado By Oneline Beuaty Clinic
  • BTL Exilis By Oneline Beuaty Clinic
  • Tratamiento BTL Exilis By Oneline Beuaty Clinic