Melasma Removal

Laser Treatment

Melasma is a type of pigmentary dermatosis that has a multifactorial origin, it increases markedly as a result of sun exposure.

Melanocytes, the cells responsible for giving color to our skin, produce more melanin to protect our body from UV rays and accumulates more in certain areas forming the spots.

Laser operation for Melasma removal

Laser treatment destroys melanin (pigment made by melanocytes), which is then naturally absorbed by the body, gradually reducing spots on the skin. This treatment is not invasive or ablative, in addition the recovery is immediate and you can notice changes from the first session.

In addition, it helps reduce oil production, shrink pores, improve skin tone, reduce fine lines and generate new collagen.

Laser Gold Tonning

The Toning and Gold toning multi-pass treatment is used for its high absorption characteristics of hemoglobin, which makes it the ideal treatment for redness caused by acne scars, inflammatory acne, rosacea, various types of melasma, and post hyperpigmentation. inflammatory.

Laser Gold Tonning

Inflamed acne and post-acne redness leave redness on the skin, which with toning and gold toning treatment, acne diminishes and post-acne redness is alleviated in a relative period of time, with a controlled microvasculature effect.