BTL X Wave

Reductive Equipment

It is a non-invasive treatment, without pain and with minimal side effects. Depending on the case, it will require several sessions, but you will notice results from the first application. Request your free assessment and change the appearance of your skin.

BTL X–WAVE technology acts directly on fat cells, responsible for the appearance of cellulite, decreasing their size and volume. It improves the functioning of blood circulation, allowing the disposal of fat in a natural way.

How BTL X-Wave treatment works?

Reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of your skin with BTL X-WAVE technology which is a device that uses localized vibrations to help eliminate the main factors that cause irregularities on the surface of the skin, thus improving the appearance of the skin considerably.

Mechanical vibrations improve microcirculation and oxygen supply to the affected area, thereby increasing blood flow and removing excess interstitial fluid.

BTL X-WAVE achieves the most outstanding results in the non-invasive improvement of skin texture, shows its best results in combination with other treatments.