Hollywood Peel

Laser Treatment

Hollywood Peel is an innovative aesthetic protocol that helps improve the appearance of the skin by giving it shine, unifying the tone, closing the pores, stimulating the production of collagen and diminishes acne scars.

It is a rejuvenation treatment using laser spectra, with a charcoal mask, this type of laser stimulates the skin by means of a gentle heat, generates a light epidermal exfoliation and rejuvenation in the skin. looking more radiant and luminous.

What are its benefits?

Treats inflammatory acne, open pores, oily skin, rosacea and post acne (scars), facial rejuvenation.

It is a gentle procedure that can be performed on a weekly, monthly basis or before a special event, depending on the results you want to achieve.

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First function

Break the pigment of the skin into microparticles, helping them to be removed by the body without any pain.

The second function

Is to deeply heat the first layer of skin until causing collagen stimulation