Dermal Fillers

It gives volume, outlines your face and eliminates wrinkles to look more attractive, fresh, young and improve the quality of your skin.

Visible and natural results immediately after application.

The procedure is performed in a few minutes, very effective methods are used to avoid pain, after the procedure you can resume your activities immediately.

Dermal Fillers by Oneline Beauty Clinic
Types of dermal fillers

The most widely used dermal filler contains hyaluronic acid which is a substance produced naturally by the body, present mainly in the skin and whose function is to contain nutrients and help retain its hydration and softness.

Because it is a natural component, the body absorbs it over time, giving greater hydration, elasticity and softness to the skin of the treated area. So you can give volume to your face to outline it, correct imperfections or recover the volume lost over time.

Since with the aging process the face loses volume in certain areas, flaccidity and wrinkles appear, which gives the face an aged and tired appearance.


Developed in Switzerland, Maili's patented hyaluronic acid fillers have been meticulously designed to help reverse signs of aging, helping to preserve natural expression and movements.


Firmer gel, with maximum lifting power. Ideal for a pronounced effect without adding volume.


Firm gel with moderate lifting power ideal for filling wrinkles and expression lines where support is required.


It is an injectable solution indicated for the filling of fine lines of the face, as well as the slight increase in volume in areas that need it. It lasts approximately 12 to 15 months.


Gel to give definition and contour in dynamic areas with a duration of 1 year.

Derma Fillers By Oneline Beauty Clinic

Soft gel for treatment of lines and wrinkles with subtle result. With a duration of 18 months with a retreatment session.


Creates natural volume giving proportion and contour to the face, lasting up to 18 months.


Soft gel to give volume, improves the shape of the lips and gives a natural and harmonized appearance.


It provides deep hydration from the inside to revitalize the skin, increasing elasticity and improving texture.

Derma Fillers By Oneline Beauty Clinic

Belotero's hyaluronic acids have a CPM (poly-densified cohesive matrix) technology which creates high density zones due to its double cross-linking, which resists tensile forces but in turn is flexible for compression forces. While retaining its shape it stretches in tension without breaking and regains its shape when the load is removed.

BELOTERO® LIDO BALANCE is an injectable resorbable filler product indicated to increase the volume of skin tissue. This product allows to moderately improve the volume of the desired areas, filling all types of wrinkles and correcting scars.

BELOTERO® LIDO SOFT is an injectable resorbable filler product indicated to increase the volume of skin tissue. This product allows to fill small wrinkles and correct scars.

BELOTERO® LIDO INTENSE is an injectable absorbable filler product indicated to restore or increase the volume of skin tissue. This product allows to fill folds and deep wrinkles, as well as significantly improve the volume in the desired areas.

BELOTERO® LIDO VOLUME is a resorbable and injectable implant, indicated to recover facial volume in some areas of the face; for example, to enhance the cheeks or chin.

BELOTERO® REVIVE is an injectable skin enhancer that contains a combination of hyaluronic acid and glycerol of the latest generation designed to improve skin texture, provide deep hydration and revitalize the first signs of aging.

Skin revitalization


It is a unique and complete formula based on hyaluronic acid and 59 revitalizing actives, which improve the quality of the skin, these assets help reverse the effects of aging of fibroblasts which is the main cell of the dermis, and responsible for the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Maintaining a young fibroblast is the key to maintaining youth in the skin by eliminating oxidative stress, which is why NCTF is the ideal revitalizer for any part of our face.