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Plasma Ray Fliners

It decreases the tissue and tightens the skin making it look younger and firmer with FLINERS.

Skin tightening technology, known for its non-surgical rejuvenation effect. FLINERS is a new technology, very successful in Europe and internationally, as it stimulates the regeneration of fibroblasts produced by a plasma ray, which returns tension to the skin and decreases excess tissue.

Plasma stimulates instant contraction and stretching of skin fibers.

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Advantages of using Fliners Blitz

  • It can be used in sensitive areas such as the eyelids.
  • Injectable anesthesia is not required.
  • It is a non-surgical approach and does not require stitches or suturing after the procedure.
  • You can simultaneously perform procedures on different parts of the body such as face, neck, abdomen and others.
  • Side effects are mild.
  • The results are visible immediately.
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