Micropigmentation is responsible for implanting pigments at epidermal or superficial level to give color and shape to different parts of the body, the most common being: eyes, lips, eyebrows, areolas, scars and vitiligo.

En Oneline Beauty Clinic la usamos para potenciar y corregir áreas específicas de la piel.

At Oneline Beauty Clinic we use it to enhance and correct specific areas of the skin. If you need to remove previous pigmentation, we have the best laser to achieve it.

Micropigmentation Process

There is a belief that micropigmentation is a permanent makeup technique, but this is not the case. The pigments deposited in the epidermis will disappear over the years. Retouching is necessary to adapt the designs to changes in the skin over time. Sometimes micropigmentation is associated with tattooing but it does not share the same characteristics.

The first step to perform a treatment is to carry out an allergic test. This consists of confirming whether the patient is suitable for micropigmentation treatment.

A non-permanent make-up test is necessary in order to define the design based on the patient’s physical characteristics. This process allows the patient to have a real expectation about the effects of the treatment in their particular case.

Although the procedure causes some degree of discomfort, it is not painful. Discomfort depends on the sensitivity of each person and the area to be treated (eyes and lips, for example, are more sensitive than eyebrows). Before the procedure, an anesthetic cream is applied to the area to be treated to reduce discomfort to a minimum.

The appropriate micropigmentation technique is applied in the area and with the previously created design. The session lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Finally, after a few weeks after the micropigmentation, a revision appointment is necessary. This appointment is used to evaluate whether a retouching of the initial work is necessary. If so, the retouching is performed with the highest level of detail possible.


We offer a wide range of micropigmentation procedures


¿In which areas can it be applied


There are different micropigmentation techniques, each designed to treat a specific area. The treatment is divided into: facial micropigmentation (highlighting facial features), and paramedical micropigmentation (reconstructive makeup).


Eyebrows are a very important feature since they give personality to the face, give harmony and are the frame of the eyes.

Properly designed eyebrows create larger, more expressive eyes.

Our expert will recommend personalized designs taking into account the most appropriate shape according to the type of face,

skin color, hair color, previous shape, eyebrow growth and how you want them to look at the end. Our expert will recommend personalized designs taking into account the most appropriate shape according to the type of face.