Dermapen Treatment

Microperforation stimulates angiogenesis by triggering endothelial growth factors (VEGF). Microperforation of the stratum corneum activates the skin's self-repair mechanism, responsible for the regeneration of new collagen. Dermapen® is a revolutionary fractional microdermabrasion system, easy to use and safe for all skin types.

The recovery time is minimal, since it does not generate thermal damage. It is the only device of its kind approved by the FDA and has patents to prevent cross-contamination; All this at a significantly lower cost than other treatments.

Dermapen delivers exceptional results, is easy to use, and offers greater precision and control than conventional alternatives, all at a significantly lower cost.

Dermapen Facial also for Men

In Oneline Beauty Clinic Cancun we have multiple facial treatments for men, Dermapen is one of the preferred by them, since it does not require surgical intervention and its recovery is fast.

Dermapen is aimed at men who want to resort to minimally invasive anti-aging treatments to help the production of collagen and thus blur wrinkles.

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It is defined as a fraction of plasma obtained from one's own blood, which has a higher concentration of platelets than plasma at baseline. PRP contains not only a high level of platelets, but also of the growth factors that are actively secreted by platelets.

In addition, PRP is also rich in proteins that act at the level of cell adhesion (fibrin, fibronectin, and vitronectin), so it provides the necessary structural support for cell migration, and for the proliferation and three-dimensional growth of the tissues on which it acts.

PRP has effects not only directly on target cells for growth factors, but also as an extracellular matrix for the stimulation of tissue repair and/or regeneration in a global way.

No side Effects

It has no side effects. After the treatment you will notice a redness in the next 24-48 hours that is totally normal, and it is due to the natural mechanisms of skin repair are activated.

Patients for whom Dermapen is not recommended are: pregnant or lactating women, people who are taking aspirin or anticoagulants, patients with skin lumps.