Lymphatic Drainage

For your sugery, avoiding swelling and possible fibrosis. Helping a faster and better recovery.


It absorbs excess flui (edema) that accumulates in the tissues, reduces swelling and facilities healing.

Detox by Oneline Beauty clinic

It is a specific manual technique used to eliminates toxins and waste substances from the body.

BTL by Oneline Beauty Clinic

It is a special treatment that combines equipment or manual massage with lymphatic drainage to optimize results.


An excellent combination to reduce sizes in difficult areas, detoxifying your body helps to expel fat naturally.


Eliminates the accumulation of that in specific areas, through the application of professional products and manual massages to shape the parts of the body with excess fat and liquids.

Combined Reducing Massage

Eliminates the accumulation of localized fat and slims the contour of the figure and creates a more aesthetic silhoutte. This is donde with strong pressure and faster speed than the traditional way.

It can be done with the hands or through the use of certain devices, physical, mechanical, dielectric effects, etc. Produced by the friction of mesotheraphy, they are already beyond and doubt, since they have been widely empirically and scientifically proven.

Reductive Massage + BTL

Treatment to help you shape, reduce and detoxify your entire bpdy in specific areas, in less time and with greater efficiency.

It is the combination of the classic lymphatic drainage with a shaping/reduce edema and combat cellulitie and is a great ally in the slimming process.

The main objetive of the massage is to improve the body, eliminate waste and shape the figure.