Facial Cleansing

Fractional CO2

Deep Facial Cleansing is a maintenance procedure that removes all impurities found on the skin generated by the body and the environment.

These impurities are the origin of imperfections, acne, premaure wrinkles and loss shine.

Duration de 60 minutes.
We have an organic and vegan line.

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The Premium Facial combines deep facial cleansing techniques, such as the ultrasound scrubber to remove excess oil from the skin, comedones and blackheads.

To exfoliate the superficial layer of the skin and leave it completely renewed, free of dead cells and free of any feeling of roughness.

This luxury treatment includes a “lifting” massage on the face, neck and décolletage plus a facial lymphatic drainage with luminosity.

Duration 90 minutes.


The small pressures are directed toward the lymph to eliminate toxins naturally. From the face it goes down to the deep lymph nodes of the neck and then drains to the thoracic area.

Activates the circulatory and lymphatic system, helping to mobilize toxins from the facial area.

Facial drainage is a technique that aims to stimulate and optimize the functions of the lymphatic system, a network of vessels that move fluids from the tissues of the circulatory system and help the body’s immunity.


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