Cosmetic Surgeon
Professional license: 7246553

Estoy sorprendida con lo buena que es la clinica, El doctor Gilberto es super profesional y el mejor con el Neuromodulador Químico y Acido Hialuronico, la atencion es muy buena! y estoy en shock con los resultados, que bonitos y naturales trabajos! Felicidades :)

Ana Contla

Excelente clínica de belleza para mujeres, acompañe a una persona que se elimino las arrugas a traves de Anti-Wrinkle Injections y la atención del Dr Gilberto fue muy cálida, le explicó al paciente de que se trataba, le tomó una foto para mostrar un antes y un después y después que el paciente aceptó le hizo el tratamiento, al terminar volvió a tomar fotos para que viera la diferencia y dio las indicaciones finales para evitar molestias secundarias

Julio Palau

Would love to give more than 5 stars as this clinic is amazing, professional and knowledgeable. Dr Sanchez is truly an artist with exceptional medical knowledge. I was greeted by the lovely Anna who is so kind and helpful. The assistants Alejandro and Daphne took excellent care of me during my treatment and Favian drove me to and from my hotel excellently. A wonderful experience from beginning to end. Certainly the best clinic in Cancun!

Cynthia Hammer

I'm extremely happy with my cheek fillers. Unlike other very good dermatologists I've used in London, Dr Sanchez understands how used correctly, juvederm can transform the face. Also very happy with my Anti-Wrinkle Injections!

Paul Downey

Amazing! I have lips done with dermal filler every 6 months in the UK and Australia. This was by far the best procedure I’ve had. This was the first time I experienced virtually no pain. There was several different techniques used to minimise pain and even hours later I felt minimal pain and no bruising at all. I was worried have the treatment internationally in a new place but Dr Sanchez was great and carried out the augmentation with ease and I’m really happy! The rest of the team were also super friendly and helpful!

Jenny Watt

I visited Oneline Beauty back in November and wanted to wait to see how my results were. They were then and still absolutely amazing! I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first but Dr. Sanchez and his assistant were great to say the least. They even provided transportation to and from the clinic for me (I was staying in the hotel zone). I got Anti-Wrinkle Injections and facial filler and I am extremely happy with my results. Needless to say, I will be visiting Oneline Beauty EVERY time I take a trip to Cancun.

Krista Peters

So amazing. The staff was great. Being in a different country can make you nervous but they did everything to make me feel comfortable. No pain. No bruising. Got my lips/jaw/cheeks done. Very pleased. Dr. Sanchez and his assistants were awesome. (1/2 the price of what you pay in the U.S). Would fly back just to see him.

Ross Todd

This place is excellent. The staff is very friendly and Dr. Gill is a true professional. He is knowledgeable and honest with his treatments. Don't hesitate to go here as you won't find a better place including in the US. We will be back here again next time when we come to Cancun. A+

Matt Prombo
Relleno Facial by Oneline Beauty Clinic and Gilberto Sanchéz

Reduces sagging, wrinkles and folds! Repairs, reduces wrinkles, folds and improves skin tension with the subdermal application of calcium hydroxyapatite.

It generates an important tightening effect and a very subtle filling effect. It is especially indicated for mature skin.

The aesthetic medicine treatment with Radiesse is ideal for restoring the collagen and elasticity lost over the years to the face.

Dermal Fillers by Oneline Beuaty Clinic and Gilberto Sanchéz

The procedure is performed in a few minutes, and very effective methods are used to avoid pain, after the procedure you can resume your activities immediately.

Provide volume, shape your face and removes wrinkles to look more attractive, fresh, youthful and improve the quality of your skin.

The most commonly used dermal filler contains hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally produced substance, present mainly in the skin and whose function is to contain nutrients and help retain its hydration and softness.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections by Oneline Beuaty Clinic and Gilberto Sanchéz

Disappears or minimizes the visible wrinkles and lines on the face that appear due to facial muscle contractions when you laugh, frown or squint your eyes.

It is a fast, safe and simple treatment, with the minimum necessary care after its application and no more than the following 48 days.

You will notice the changes 4 days after applying the procedure.

Aumento de Labios by Oneline Beuaty Clinic and Gilberto Sanchéz

It is a simple, fast and outpatient procedure performed in our office. While the result is long lasting, it is not a definitive procedure.

The lip filler procedure consists of a subcutaneous injection performed with a very thin needle and lasts between 5 and 30 minutes.

Hyaluronic acid is a biocompatible substance, therefore, recovery is immediate and it is possible to return immediately to all normal daily activities. Juvéderm Volift contains lidocaine so the procedure is painless.


During his career, Dr. Gilberto has taken courses on HIV/AIDS Prevention Measures, Public Health at the Health Secretariat of the State of Oaxaca, as well as ATLS at the Universidad Regional del Sureste in 2008.


In 2014, he began operations at Oneline Beauty Clinic in Cancun, Quintana Roo, being a graduate student of the Diploma of Aesthetic Medicine taught at the facilities of the Pan-American Institute of Scientific Professionals endorsed by Dr. Blanca Miller-Kobisher.

National Ranking

Currently, Dr. Gilberto Sanchez is among the top three nationally in the ranking of applications of Allergan products, one of the leading brands in aesthetic medicine, surgery and dermatology worldwide.


Adding to his career, we can mention that he is also an official Speaker of the brand Merz Aesthetics, providing training and acquiring new techniques for the aesthetic medicine market.


In the year of 2019, it becomes a partner of Vitay Wellness dedicated to provide intravenous therapies at home according to the needs and requirements of each patient, providing services and products of the highest quality with registered and trained physicians.

Ranking Nacional

In the year of 2019, it becomes a partner of Vitay Wellness dedicated to provide intravenous therapies at home according to the needs and requirements of each patient, providing services and products of the highest quality with registered and trained physicians.

Dr. Gilberto Sanchéz
Dr. Gilberto Sanchéz

Surgeon with over 10 years of experience in the application of facial rejuvenation treatments without surgery. More than 1,000 patients treated during the year, satisfied and looking more attractive. Expert in facial harmonization and facial restructuring.

Dr. Gilberto A. Sánchez Rico is known by being extensively trained and prepared to provide a safe and effective service. He also has the quality and equipment necessary to perform each of the procedures.

He was born in the state of Oaxaca in 1985 and graduated from the Universidad Regional del Sureste in the School of Medicine and Surgery in 2004 and later completed his internship at the General Hospital of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon during the course of the year 2008 to 2009.