With BTL VANQUISH ME, look different, feel different! Now you can reduce the circumference of your abdomen and thighs, achieving an aesthetic improvement without facing the cost and recovery time of surgery.

At Oneline Beauty Clinic Cancun we have the right treatment for you, BTL VANQUISH ME is a non-invasive, second generation technological and non-contact treatment for adipocyte rupture. The applicator of localized radiofrequency waves allows to cover a large area with a single application. Request your free evaluation and look different in front of the mirror.

btl vanquish me


Unlike other similar body modeling procedures, BTL VANQUISH ME is not limited to a IMC 30. Promising not to leave unevenness or lines.

Generally, patients need four treatments, and they are usually spread over one month. Each session takes approximately 45 minutes to treat the abdomen area and 30 minutes to treat the thighs.

máquina BTL Vanquish me

The treatment is practically painless and is performed while the patient is lying down for optimal comfort. During non-contact therapy, patients may feel a warm sensation in the treated area, and it may last for a few hours after treatment, but should not feel painful or uncomfortable.

The device offers the widest treatment area on the market so it can cover large areas with a single application.

Benefits of BTL

  • Noninvasive without surgery or injections
  • Selective with fat
  • Contactless
  • Immediate recovery, return to your daily activities
  • Painless
  • Effortless
  • Significantly reduces accumulated fat in abdomen and thighs
btl vanquish me

Simple, fast and outpatient procedure. Immediately return to your daily activities.


Skin phototypes V and VI, photosensitivity, recent tanning, history of keloid scarring, pregnancy, lactation, HIV, hepatitis, skin infections, pigmentation changes, history of melanoma or carcinoma, psoriasis or eczema, herpes.