Do you want to reduce expression lines on your face? At Oneline Beauty Clinic Cancun we have a treatment for you. Botox application in Cancun (botulinum toxin) disappears or minimizes the visible wrinkles and lines on the face that appear due to facial muscle contractions when you laugh, frown or squint your eyes.
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How does Botox work?

Botox causes a blockage in the nerve impulses, preventing excessive contraction of facial muscles responsible for wrinkles and expression lines, thus making the skin smooth. All lines and wrinkles disappear without affecting untreated muscles.

Botox in Cancun is applied to expression lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows, nose and crow’s feet (which are lines around the eyes). In addition to aesthetic applications, Botox can also be used to treat various medical conditions such as bruxism and hyperhidrosis.

Why choose Cancun to apply Botox?

Cancun is considered one of the favorite vacation destinations in Mexico. The city has the facilities and services, and a highly developed infrastructure to provide you with a memorable experience. During recent times, medical tourism has become quite popular in Cancun. Several tourists and tourists come from the United States and Canada. Due to this flood of tourists, smart clinics, doctors, practitioners and surgeons are taking advantage of health and wellness vacations that encompass different types of treatments, including massages, therapies, surgeries and cosmetic treatments. If you have also planned to visit Cancun and want to return home with a more fabulous look, you will find many exceptional, high-quality hygienic facilities that offer a range of aesthetic treatments at reasonable prices that save a lot of money. One of those procedures that every tourist should follow is Botox, since the effectiveness of this treatment is that it is relatively painless and offers immediate results. The price of Botox injections varies on a case-by-case basis and can be determined based on in-person evaluations with the doctor. Botox treatment is very expensive in other areas of the world, except in Cancun. Without a doubt, Cancun is the best place for Botox, where patients are never disappointed after treatment.

How long do the effects of Botox last

Unlike surgeries, the effects of Botox injections are not permanent. You will notice the results within three days, but the full effect can take up to 2 weeks. The duration is different for everyone. Most injections last between 3 and 6 months, averaging 4 years. It also depends on the injection sites and the number of units used. Another important thing is the quality of Botox. In case there are any complications, Botox is not reversible. You must wait for the neurotoxin to wear off before these side effects disappear.
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What is the procedure like?

Once the areas to be treated are determined, a fine needle is used to administer BOTOX injections into the muscles that generate forehead expression lines and wrinkles. It is a quick procedure and causes minor discomfort, so it does not require anesthesia.

The procedure is performed in our Clinic in Cancun and does not last more than half an hour, you do not need to interrupt your daily activities, you will only have to follow a few simple recommendations. You will notice the changes 4 days after applying the procedure.


Excessive sweating in areas such as armpits, hands and feet, Botox significantly decreases the activity of sweat glands and thus reduces sweating.
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A disorder in which teeth grinding, maintaining a permanently tense bite unconsciously while awake or asleep, causes jaw disorders, headaches, tooth damage and other problems.
aplicaciones esteticas botox
Simple, fast and outpatient procedure. Immediately return to your daily activities


TEMPORARY: Conjunctivitis, immune weakness, pregnancy, lactation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, local infection, herpes and skin conditions in the area of application, bacterial, fungal or viral infections.

TOTAL: Allergic reactions to the toxin, skin conditions in the area of application (moles, keloid scars, angiomas, bulging, warts, melanomas, impetigo, psoriasis, hives, chloasma, nevus).

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